Bruntsfield Chiropody & Podiatry


The human foot is made up of 26 main bones but was not really designed to walk on hard flat surfaces that are part of our everyday life. These conditions can make the foot roll and functionally shorten the leg causing the knee and hip to rotate.
This can lead to some conditions not always associated with the feet.

Knee pain, hip pain and lower back pain can all be symptoms of an incorrect alignment of the bones of the foot.

There are however a number of foot complaints that can be relieved through the wearing of orthotics:
Heel pain (Plantar fasciitis) can be caused by pronation or rolling in on the foot.
Flat feet (Pes planus) can exhibit symptoms ranging from tired aching feet to leg exhaustion, corns and callus.
High arches (Pes cavus) can cause callus and corns on the ball of the foot.

Pronation and supination are both conditions that can cause problems not only just in the feet, but both can be help by the wearing of orthotics

After a complete examination and evaluation, casts will be taken of your feet and bespoke insoles will be manufactured specifically for you.
These can be made in 3/4 length or full length and in differing materials dependant on your feet and requirement for use.