Bruntsfield Chiropody & Podiatry
Routine Chiropody
 £35.00 (orthotics and padding    will be charged as extra)
 Ingrowing Toenail
 £35.00 or £55.00 with local   anaesthetic
 Nail Surgery with Local Anaesthetic
 From £225.00 for one toe, with three dressing changes
 Verruca Treatments
 From £50.00 for freezing
 From £60.00 for dry needling
 Orthotic Insoles
 £80.00 for heat moulded Vasyli insoles, including assessment and consultation
 From £165.00-£230.00 for cast, moulded bespoke insoles, including casting,consultation and two appointments
 Home Visits (Local Area Only)
 From £40.00